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Project Management Workshop

2-day workshop 11th and 28th January 2019
by Dr. Sina Henrichs

Project management includes excellent techniques to allocate, use, and monitor resources to achieve a goal in a desired time frame. In a scientific setting, goals may include the set-up of experiments, the allocation of grants, publishing a paper, or even achieving tenure.

Participants who complete this comprehensive workshop will learn how to initiate, plan, and execute a project that meets objectives on time and within budget.

TBA: 2 x 8 hours per day (lunch and two coffee breaks per day will be provided)

Cost and registration
50 CHF per person
Register at apns@asso-unil.ch

Seminar room B305, Building B, CLE-reception, Epalinges 1066, Chemin des Boveresses 155 (both days).

Day 1 – 11th Jan 2019
– Define and prepare a project outline by

  • understanding what is a project and what is not
  • learn about project management in academia vs. industry
  • get an introduction into the project life-cycle

– Develop plans by

  • making a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • defining dependencies and relations (network diagrams)
  • scheduling and estimating project plan durations
  • doing cost estimations

Day 2 – 28th Jan 2019

– Introduction to Agile Project Management by considering agile and iterative approaches

– Identify risks

– Execution of projects by

  • making an Earned Value Analysis
  • Monitoring of progress (cost baseline)
  • Project communication


Dr. Sina Henrichs holds a doctorate in Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich, as well as MBA in Academic Management form the University of Basel. Dr. Henrichs has extensive experience in implementation and development of project outlines in the academic environment. With the dual science and project management background, Dr. Henrichs combines her extensive research experience in the life sciences and in-depth understanding of process development and project management to provide the workshop participants an interactive and professional training experience. Dr. Henrichs is also the founder of Manage Science (www.managescience.ch).

Contact for more information

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APNS 2018

Welcome to APNS at UNIL! We are a postdocs association open to all postdocs interested in Natural Sciences!

Our main aims are to promote networking and collaboration among postdocs and to provide resources for current and future career development

Join us and check out our upcoming events!

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news

You can also find us at the monthly aperos (Beer O’Clock) in Epalinges co-organized with ADAS!

We strongly encourage UNIL Postdocs (especially those at Dorigny/Sorge) to also join our friends and colleagues at the Postdoc Association of EPFL Life Sciences (SV Postdocs)

If you have ideas or suggestions please contact us!


Workshop: Public Speaking Coaching for Scientists by Sam Lagier

Directed to: 13 Post-docs at UNIL’s Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM)

Day, time & location: Saturday June 2nd, 2018, from 9hs to 18hs, in Room B301, Batiment B (aka SC-CLE), Centre des laboratoires d’Epalinges, Biopole, Epalinges (map)

Instructor: Sam Lagier, PhD (SamSpeaksScience.com)

Price: 20 CHF

Funded by UNIL Graduate Campus

Organization of the day:

Morning (including a coffee break)

  • First part of the participants gives a presentation in front of the group.
  • Instruction presentation on general considerations on communication, storytelling applied to science and slide design.

Lunch break (pizza included)

Afternoon (including a coffee break)

  • Series of warm-up and stress management exercises.
  • A few points on how to best use technology (pointer, camera, videos…*).
  • Second part of the participant gives their presentations in front of the group.
  • Personalized and intense 15-minutes coaching sessions for every participant.

*The talks and the coaching sessions will be filmed and the recordings will be sent to each participant.

About the instructor: Sam is a multi-talented scientist and improviser. He teaches presentation skills to experts and curates (SamSpeaksScience.com), coaches and hosts the TEDxLausanne conference since 2012. He manages the Geneva branch of the Lausanne-based Catalyst theatre company which creates new media to communicate science (thecatalyst.ch). He performs and teaches improv to individuals and applied improv to corporate clients with the Renegade Saints (renegadesaints.ch). In his scientific career, Sam studied sensory perception in the normal and in the schizophrenic brain, in France, the United States and in Switzerland. He combined microscopy, behavior and electrophysiology to characterize a genetic model of schizophrenia developed in mice.

For registration, please send an email ASAP with the subject “Public Speaking Workshop” including your info (Name, Department, Lab/Group, end date of your UNIL postdoc contract) to organizers from APNS: santiago.carmona@unil.ch and nathalie.isorce@unil.ch. After having reached the attendees’ quota, we will contact the first 13 postdocs with instructions on how to make the payment of 20 CHF that will be required for final confirmation. We will keep a waiting list to refill places in case of cancellations (non-refundable).

Why Public Speaking?

Science communication is part of a scientist’s everyday life. Scientists must give talks, write papers and proposals, communicate with a variety of audiences, and educate others. Thus to be successful, regardless of field or career path, scientists must learn how to communicate. Moreover, scientists must learn how to communicate effectively. Effective communication means transmitting our message clearly and concisely so that it is understood.

Being able to articulate our work to a broad audience can have a tremendous impact on the discoverability of your research and the trajectory of our careers. Furthermore, effective science communication between researchers, resource managers, decision makers, and the general public has long been recognized as a critical need for the advancement of science in general.

Most scientists know how to give an objective and rigorous presentation, but only a few speak about their work with compelling and engaging stories. In this context, we propose a workshop on scientific public speaking with Samuel Lagier.



Summary of the APNS General Assembly, February 21st 2018, Campus Sorge UNIL

The APNS General Assembly took place at the Biophore building, room 2917.2, Campus Sorge from 18:30 to 20hs.

The APNS Council (Dr Veneta Gerganova, Dr Marco Mina and Dr Santiago Carmona), Dr Silvia Fuertes Marraco (External Advisor) and 5 members of the Association were present.

During the meeting, the mission of the Association, statistics on current members (39) and electronic platforms of APNS were presented and reviewed.

Next, the main events organized by APNS during the 2017 period were summarised (i.e. Figure 1A Scientific Art Exhibition and Postdoc Retreat).

Following, the planned events for 2018 were presented and discussed. APNS members Mukul Girotra, Sabrina Foerster, Thais Reichler and Nathalie Isorce volunteered as co-organizers for different Actions that will take place during 2018.

Afterwards, the financial statement for 2017 was presented.

Finally, the Assembly voted for its Council members.
The Assembly unanimously voted for the Council renewal, as follows:
Dr Veneta Gerganova (former Treasurer) becomes President
Dr Santiago Carmona (former President) becomes Vice-President
Dr Marco Mina (former Vice-President) becomes Treasurer.
The Secretary position remains open.

The slides presentation including the Financial Statement for 2017 can be found here (2018-02-20 APNS GA)

APNS Council


General Assembly 2018

The Association of Postdocs in Natural Sciences invites you to a General Assembly + Apero on the 21st February, 2018 at 18:30h at the Biophore, Campus Sorge!

Learn about our 2017/2018 projects and hop on board!

We are recruiting committee members and organizers, so if you want to gain experience in this area don`t be shy. We have plenty planned for the year – project management seminars, a scientific art exhibition, participative and interactive workshops, career retreats.
1. Review of 2017 events.
2. Planned events 2018.
3. Announcement of open positions.
4. Financial statement.
5. Official re-election of leadership committee.
Hope to see you there! If you cannot attend, but you are interested in the association, drop us a line at apns@asso-unil.ch.


Novartis-EPFL-UNIL meeting

Present your work at the 5th joint Novartis-EPFL-UNIL meeting

The SV postdoc association and the BioScience Network Lausanne together with the Association for Postdoc in Natural Sciences at UNIL are gladly continuing our collaboration with the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR) in Basel: the Novartis-EPFL-UNIL (NEU) Meeting. The 5th NEU meeting will take place on the 15th of December 2017 (Friday) in Basel.

The aim of this meeting is to promote interactions among researchers conducting similar types of research in academia and in industry. In addition, this year an HR representative will present information on the ideal profile of a job candidate for Novartis.

PhD students and postdocs will have the opportunity to present their work and learn about research at NIBR. Besides, participants will attend exclusive lab visits at NIBR. Please note that this meeting is not meant to be a job fair.

The tentative layout of the day is as follows:

arrival in Basel at 9 AM (costs of transportation are on the participants)

2 presentations by NIBR scientists

1 presentation by an HR representative

poster presentations by EPFL/UNIL scientists

lunch break

NIBR lab visits

departure to Lausanne around 6 PM

We are looking for PhD students and postdocs from EPFL and UNIL performing research in life science. You will have the opportunity to present a poster and we kindly ask you to submit an abstract (300 words max, no figures) following registration. Please note that you will need your advisors permission to present your work at NIBR.

The registration will start on the 2nd of November and the deadline is on the 9th of November 2017. After registration we will send you a link for abstract submission. Abstracts have to be submitted by latest of 20th of November 2017. Your abstracts will be treated confidential and the organising committee will select participants based on their abstracts. The results of the selection will be communicated by 27th of November 2017.

Click here for registration.

For more information, contact Marianna Feretzaki (marianna.feretzaki@epfl.ch), from the organizing committee of the SV Postdoc Association

APNS Postdoc Career Retreat in the mountains

The APNS and volunteers from the Postdoc for Postdoc action of UNIL are organizing a two day career oriented postdoc retreat “Redefining Success: discussing traditional and alternative career options after the postdoc“ on 14th-15h October, 2017, in a chalet in Finhaut, Valais. The event is taking place with the sponsorship of the Postdocs for postdocs action of the Direction of Université de Lausanne.*

The aim of the retreat is to provide postdocs with the utmost current and relevant information regarding the scientific climate in and out of academia. For this reason the invited speakers are professionals who have successfully entered their respective fields over the past few years in Switzerland and who can provide information and advice about the most recent challenges that exist in each area. The retreat will offer an open and relaxed environment, where everyone should feel free to engage in discussion and to share their knowledge and experiences.

Important: Registration is free, but attendees will have to cover their trip from Lausanne to Finhaut. An SBB train ticket with Demi Tarif both ways is 40.20chf.

14th October, Saturday

Meeting point Lausanne gare 07:30h and train trip to Finhaut, Valais
09:30h – Coffee and Refreshments
10:20h – Dr. Silvia Fuertes Marraco (Senior scientific researcher, CHUV, Lausanne)
“The Postdoc Paradigm“
11:00h – Dr. Giovanni Ciriello (P.I., Department of Computational Biology, CHUV)
11:40h – Dr. Sara Mitri (P.I., Department of fundamental microbiology, UNIL)
“How to manage your scientific career, or: what has worked for me so far“
12:30h – Lunch
14:00h – Dr. Kristina Beeler-Kakalacheva (Scientific investment consulting, Nextech Invest, Zürich)
“Career in venture capital: the unusual first step after a Ph.D.“
14:40h – Dr. Romain-Daniel Gosselin (Biostatistics and Peer-reviewing consulting, Biotelligences, Lausanne)
“From academia to entrepreneurship: how big is the leap?”
15:20h – Coffee Break
16:00h – Dr. Rossana Mirabella (Journal Manager for Frontiers in Plant Science, Frontiers in Genetics, and Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences)
16:20h – Round Table Discussions
17:00h – Open floor to participants to share their experience on working and living in Lausanne
18:00h – Dinner and drinks
*all talks are 20-30min long, followed by discussion

15th October, Sunday
09:30h – Coffee and Refreshments
10:00h – Dr. Samuel Lagier (Sam Speaks Science) www.samspeaksscience.com
“Changing the narrative about the scientific career“
11:30h – Outdoors activity (hike, if the weather allows) and lunch
16:00h – Goodbye!

*for more information on the Postdoc for Postdoc action from the UNIL Direction, visit our Useful Links section, tab: Propose and organize an event for postdocs.

APNS Extraordinary General Assembly

An Extraordinary General Assembly will be held next Tuesday April 4th 2017 at 5.30PM at the boulangerie Pouly (Flon, next to Payot bookstore). We will take this opportunity to summarise what we have achieved from the association in the past 4 months since its Council renewal, present our planned events for 2017-2018 and have the chance to meet APNS members interested in collaborating or joining this council.

The first APNS Postdoc Welcome Apero together with legendary ADAS Beer O’Clock!

Feb 10th 2017 from 17.30hs at the Department of Biochemistry building D, student-room 308, Epalinges ( http://goo.gl/maps/TykTWXn7dZt, only 10 minutes by metro from CHUV!)

Come and join us in this awesome apero! It will be a great opportunity to meet each other and welcome new postdocs and other members of our community!

The legendary Beer O’Clock this year will jointly organized by ADAS and APNS. We will offer Mojitos for 3CHF, beer and wine for 2 CHF and some snacks for free.

Looking forward to meeting you!



welcome to our new association!

We are proud to announce the official start of our association for postdocs in natural sciences at UNIL!

Interested in knowing more? Join us now and receive emails about future events!

WE ARE RECRUITING MEMBERS! Including committee positions that are open! Feel free to join our committee meetings at Polli Flon, at 17.00 (date to be announced).

…and/or stop by our social event, an opportunity for us to socialize over beer and invite you to come check out what we’re about and join our association [Time/date/place to be announced soon!]

We have several events in planning, full details can be found above on our “events” page.