Postdoc Funding Chats: Dec 16 – SNF Eccellenza

Dear Postdoc Community,

We are happy to welcome you to Session 3 of this fall season’s. If you’re looking to apply for a postdoc fellowship or independent grant, you’re having difficulties navigating the jungle of possibilities, or you’re looking for someone to exchange experiences with, this is your chance! 

We are proud to invite you to the SNF Eccelenza grant session, with 2 previous postdocs who successfully obtained these fundings: Sara Mitri (Department of Fundamental Microbiology, FBM) and Virginia Ruiz Villanueva (Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, FGSE).

Zoom link below (starting at 5:00 PM): ⬇️⬇️⬇️

starting 5.00 pm on ZOOM

Meeting ID: 916 2412 2072

Password: 782454


We are looking forward to seeing many of you there
and/or at another future postdoc funding chat!  Stay happy. Stay
safe. Your APNS team