Language Exchange Session – September 29th

Are you looking to improve your French? Maybe your English accent could use a bit of polishing? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know what the deal was with Swiss German? Above all, do you believe in the power of a relaxed environment complete with snacks and drinks to alleviate your initial linguistic insecurities?

Language Exchange Session on September 29th from 17:00 onwards at Plage de Vidy

(exact coordinates: 46.518344, 6.593131)

The format follows the Tandem approach: people are matched in groups according to their native language and the language they want to learn and have a casual chat, 20-30 minutes in each language. You will both receive and give patient guidance in a spirit of reciprocal helpfulness. Snacks and drinks will be provided in case your vocabulary falls short.

The success of the meet-up depends on you, dear reader, and whether you show up or not. The more people, and above all the more diverse the range of people, the more language opportunities for everyone. Because we expect those languages to be in demand, native speakers of English and French are particularly needed and strongly encouraged to come. But even if you think your native language isn’t exactly popular, please do show up: you can still practice like everyone else and larger groups will be formed to accommodate everyone, pairings don’t have to be perfect as long as everyone gets their practice.

In order to get an initial picture, we kindly ask that you fill this 5-question form:

It will let people know what languages will be available for practice in the meet-up, so people can decide to show up beforehand.

We hope to see a lot of you soon at the meet-up!

Note: as the event may involve a potentially large number of participants we will require a valid covid certificate from all attendants.