2021 Postdoc Retreat Sept. 11th – 12th

Join us at the Chalet, Le Vaticamp and meet former postdocs that moved on to many different careers including academia, industry, scientific publishing, consulting, start-ups, clinical settings, etc. Hear about their very personal career paths, ask all the questions that are on your mind about your next career steps, exchange with fellow postdocs, expand your network and make new connections – all of this in the beautiful Swiss Alps!

Discover the panelists of the 2021 retreat:

Detailed program here
Registration will open on August 9th

(30 participants, plus 5 in waiting list)

N.B.: COVID-19 certificate will be required for participation.

Boost your mental health with Play Time!


A fantastic new mood-lifting Zoom session by the great Samuel Lagier.

Explore the land where your inner critic is quiet, and your inner child is wild. Using techniques and activities from the world of improvised comedy (improv) to get participants to move, speak, dance, sing, draw… The objective is for each participant to express themselves, to be in the moment, and to connect with others.

Boost your mental health and PLAY! highly recommend, especially for those suffering from #COVID19 blues.

Next session is on Wednesday March 10th at 12h30 GMT+1

Register here, space is limited

New event: Postdoc Funding chats!

Dear Postdoc Community,   

While we probably all had hoped for a slightly faster return to “normality” in this new year 2021, reality is showing its grim face and telling us to continue our adapted attempts at social interaction.

As we at the APNS continue to be highly motivated and fully committed to support you with as many interesting events as possible, we have decided to continue our series of:
POSTDOC FUNDING CHATS formerly known as: POSTDOC FUNDING INFO & NETWORKING APÉRO   If you’re looking to apply for a postdoc fellowship or independent grant, you’re having difficulties navigating the jungle of possibilities, or you’re looking for someone to exchange experiences with, this is your chance! 

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SURVEY: Covid19 pandemic measures and mental health

We would like to forward you an important message from ADAS regarding a survey to assess the current working situation as well as mental health status of PhD students and postdocs – at FBM and beyond.

This initiative was driven by 2 student representatives of the PhD program “Cancer & Immunology” and strongly supported by several student and postdoc associations, including ADAS, ACIDUL and ourselves. Their initiative has furthermore been endorsed by the UNIL rectorate through vice recteurs D. Philippe and F. Bussy.

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