Our mission

We are open to all postdocs at UNIL with an interest in natural sciences, and hope to unite postdocs from multiple faculties (FBM, FGSE, etc.). We collaborate actively with other organizations at UNIL (ACIDUL, ADAS, Skills For Scientists, Graduate Campus, ACIGE) and within the Lausanne science community (EPDA and ADSV @EPFL, BSNL).

These are our main goals:

UNITE: Postdocs in natural sciences at UNIL are a diverse and vibrant community and work in a wide variety of topics in labs on the main UNIL campus, at the CHUV, and in Epalinges. We provide a platform to address our common needs and facilitate our ability to communicate with one another.

ENHANCE:  Our goal to connect the postdoc community would lead to increased exchange of ideas, sharing of experience, and collaborative opportunities to enhance our integration at UNIL and Lausanne and to improve opportunities for our research projects.

DEVELOP: We aim to provide a platform for information on career development through exploring the academic and non-academic career paths; potential sources of funding; and furthering of soft skills. Another critical part is networking, both with peers and with those more advanced in our perspective career tracks.