Career development

For your career development

Need to improve your professional or develop new skills, i.e. project management, public speaking, research ethics, open access publishing, and many others…

Besides the APNS, other organizations offer support and workshops (in English, French or German) to develop your skills.

Consult their activities:
Graduate Campus (UNIL): The UNIL Graduate Campus offers a panel of workshops to develop your career.
The UNIL SOC (Service Orientation et Carrières) also helps you to get ready to look for a job.
Centre de Soutien à l’Enseignement (CSE, UNIL): Teaching support.
ADAS (UNIL): The official representative association for postdocs and Ph.D.s from the FBM and our sister association.
BSNL (UNIL-EPFL): Joint association for members from both universities.
Skills for Scientists (UNIL): Professional career development at Epalinges.
Media courses for researchers (Swiss National Science Foundation, SNSF).
EPDA (EPFL): EPFL postdoc association.
Centre Informatique (CI, UNIL): They provide workshops to learn how to use several softwares for example.
Language Centre (UNIL): They offer courses for development of language skills.
Open Science (UNIL): UNIL’s Open Science strategy focuses on Open access and Open research Data.
BiUM library (UNIL-CHUV): It offers numerous services and trainings to support researchers.


The REGARD programme offers workshops for young female academics and for women professors of the universities of French-speaking Switzerland. Check out their webpage for upcoming events.

The PROWD (PROfessional Women with Doctorates) programme offers career support for female PhD holders. Check out its webpage for upcoming events.


The FBM offers a self-assessment questionnaire intended for postdocs. It is meant to facilitate an annual assessment of their current position, aid reflection on their accomplishments and help identify what is required for progress towards their professional goals. The postdoc is encouraged to discuss the results of the questionnaire with a resource person as PI, professor, mentor or department head. Further info HERE.


The Life Science Career Day (LSCD) is an event aimed at students & early career researchers (including postdocs) to help them to get ready for their future careers.

Next event in 2022: To be announced.
Stay informed here:

For your collaboration with industry and beyond

PACTT (Powering Academia-industry Collaborations and Technology Transfer) is the joint technology transfer office of the UNIL and the CHUV.

Check out their webpage for more information.