Save the Date!

General Assembly (AG)

Our General Assembly is usually held at the start of the semester. This is the moment where we organise the events of the semester, and go over the past semester, among other things. It is also where you can have a say in the election of the committee and/or put yourself forward for one of these roles if you feel up for the job!

In this autumn semester, the General Assembly will be held on Friday 6th of October, at 16:00, in Anthropole 3032.
Here is the ODJ (Ordre du jour):

Welcoming apéro

On Wednesday the 27th of September at 18:00, in Anthropole at the CAP (Cafétéria Autogérée Participative, found in the half-floor between floors 1 and 2), we will be waiting for you with drinks and snacks, to wish you a warm welcome (back) to Unil!

Board game night (interassociative)

On Thursday the 5th of October at 16:15, in Anthropole 2097, with the help of Le Graal (Français médiéval), (Allemand), ewugs (Sciences du language et de l’information), and AEEFLE (Français langue étrangère), we are hosting a board game night! Bring your favourite board games and your friends!

Weekly Clubs and activities

Chat’n’Chew is taking place every Thursday at lunch break (from 11:45 to 14:00), at Anthropole’s cafeteria (west wing)

The dates on which the Creative Writing Club, Food + Poetry, and The Weird Book Club will be meeting will be communicated soon!

Your best bet to have the latest updates is to read the emails we send (sent to all students of the English Department), and to follow us on Instagram, on which posts and stories are made on a regular basis.

Past events


Improv.ppt took place on Thursday the 20th of April 2023 at 18:15 in Anthropole 3021.

Pub Quiz

The Pub Quiz took place on Thursday 2nd of March 2023 at La Datcha and we had great fun!


On Tuesday the 21st of March 2023, Rachel Falconer gave a talk on Tolkien’s Environmental Vision.

Talks last 45 minutes, after which the floor is open and the audience (you!) is able to ask questions and discuss.

Anybody is welcome to join, students of any department and staff members alike!