Black notebooks. On the cover, the following quote "I kept always two books in my pocket: one to read, one to write in." by Robert Louis Stevenson. At the bottom, in grey, the SCOPE logo.

As you may know, all SCOPE events are free, because we don’t want you students to spend any money on having a fun time with us! To keep our activities free of charge, we need funding.

So, we made cute notebooks!

Perfect to drink some tea in a sloth-shaped infuser, but also other drinks.

They are A5, ca. 100 pages, with horizontal lines inside, and they feature a very #lit quote by Robert Louis Stevenson. ✑

We are selling them 9 CHF a piece. You can pay by cash or TWINT.

So, if you want to take a pretty pen and pretend to be a romantic poet by the lake, this is the notebook to complete the aesthetic. ❦

If you would like to support us by buying one of our pretty books, we’d be very grateful to you! ♡ 

(info on how to do that below)

Open notebook with horizontally lined pages. There is a pen on it.

How does one get a notebook? ✦

You can either come to our open sales and/or order a notebook that we will put aside for you!

– Every Thursday 11:45-14:15 in Anthropole Cafeteria (order not mandatory)

– During one of our club meetings!

Order required: if you would like to pick up a notebook during one of our clubs, please fill out the following form, so we can set one or more aside for you and bring it to the club!

Form to order/reserve a notebook: 

We thank you infinitely for your support.

Open notebook near a white and brown cat
Is it Fifa approved?
Open notebook near a white and brown cat
I think she likes the notebook.