Weird Book Club

Have you ever read a text that made you feel unsettled? Grossed out? Uneasy? Would you like to? Then the Weird Book Club is the right place for you. Join us to discuss and discover strange, unsettling literature, and feel free to bring your own texts. You can also bring song lyrics, paintings, etc. No prerequisites are needed, no reading ahead is necessary. The Weird Book Club welcomes everybody who wants to share and talk about strange, unsettling literature in an informal environment, regardless of your level of English.

Custom masks

Support SCOPE financially!

Update: we only have a couple of masks left, send us an email or a DM on instagram if you want one!

Do you want to help us fund our events and parties? This year, we decided we would raise funds selling the most fashionable accessory of these times: masks! Ours are fashionable, colourful, and most importantly: they represent our dearest English department. Look at the picture below; do you recognise the IPA signs from your IELL classes ? 😉

"Stay safe" written with the international phonetic alphabet, with bookshelves full of books in the background.

We’d love you to support us by buying one. If you would like to pre-order one, fill out this form!

These washable micro-fibre cloth masks are entirely produced in Switzerland! They are 18×9 cm (slightly bigger than the UNIL ones, if you want to compare) and they’d cost 20 CHF a piece.

It would help us a lot! Thank you so much ❤