Who are we?

We are SCOPE, the Students’ Committee Obsessively Passionate about English! We all are students in the English department that want to make a difference!

What do we do?

Well, first are foremost, we represent YOU students. We do so in several ways:

We attend the Assemblée de section of the English department that takes place at the end of each semester (twice a year). During these assemblées, we discuss and we participate in important decisions regarding the department, for example regarding the plan d’études, we talk about budgets, and we discuss problems and to-be improvements in the department.

We organize parties and other social events throughout the semester. We try to make them as agreeable, friendly, fun and as varied as possible, of course! We’ll let you be the judges of whether we do a good job 😉

We organize SCOPE Talks. To get students interested in academic events such as conferences, we decided to organize talks. We invite a guest speaker who usually is a member of the English Department’s staff, and they present their latest research, their passion, or some other topic that was of interest to them. We wanted to have academic talks that are less formal than conferences, and more accessible to students, so we hope you’ll enjoy them!

We have the Creative Writing Club. Those of us that like to write but in an non-academic frame and that have wild imaginations joined together to create the club. We meet up every three weeks to write texts based on prompts and help each other out!

We have the Food+Poetry Club, for those of us that just can’t get enough of poetry (and/or food). We meet up every three weeks to read poetry that fits to a chosen topic and eat snacks together!

We have the Weird Book Club. Those that are fascinated by the strange and bizarre have created a club in which to share and discuss literature (or other artistic forms!) that is unsettling. We meet up every three weeks to discuss our latest weird findings and have some tea!

We also have an Instagram page on which we post information about all our events!

And a Facebook page.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Your committee.