Recurring Events

Improv.ppt (30.11.23)

Improv.ppt consists of participants giving improvised presentations on subjects that they most probably have no idea about. Yes, you read that correctly.

It allows for a hilarious atmosphere with presentations where you really can play with inventing a distorted, absurd reality around a powerpoint. It is open to both students and staff!

Here’s how it works:

Everyone sends a short powerpoint on any subject, it can be a repurposed class presentation, a slideshow about your pets, or about your latest passion. The powerpoint should be short (~5 slides) containing mainly pictures, slide titles and a couple of keywords. The point is to be able to present it in 5 to 10 minutes.

All powerpoints are numbered, the numbers are written down and put in a hat/bowl, and each participant picks a paper at random. With no preparation, they must then give a 5 minute presentation with that powerpoint!

Depending on how much time we have (which depends on the amount of participants), there may be a question round included to further encourage improvisation.

This may sound like a nightmare, but the lack of pressure and the fact that everyone is just as lost makes for a lot of fun. Plus, if you’ve given presentations with no preparation on topics you know nothing about, there’s no reason to worry about the presentations you give in class! But if you still aren’t convinced, you can remain an audience member and just have a laugh.

So that we can organize the event correctly (and make sure the powerpoints work on the computer), participants need to send their powerpoints beforehand. Please e-mail us at scope [at] asso-unil [dot] ch until the morning before the event.

If you have any questions, don’t hestitate to contact us (email or instagram DMs).

We look forward to seeing you guys there!!

Pub Quiz (12.10.23)

Pub Quizzes are a mainstay of British culture. During these events, groups of people get together in teams to answer trivia questions about pop culture, history, geography and more. SCOPE organises a pub quiz every semester or so, with a particular focus on subjects relevant to the study of English literature and linguistics. In general, people are divided in groups of 2 to 4 people. You can form a team with your friends or team up with new friends!

Christmas Party (14.12.23)

Every year, at the end of the Autumn semester, we organise our traditional Christmas party at the refuge du Censuy in Renens! Join us to eat snacks, dance to some tunes, and maybe you’ll see some members of the English Department staff there too 😉