Members 2016-2017
Members 2016-2017

Founded in 1997, the Mosaïque UNIL association offers a great variety of activities with the goal of making the university’s community more aware of the international political issues. Counting in our group students from different nationalities pursuing different education paths, our members reflect the international and multidisciplinary aspects of the association.

The Mosaïque UNIL association mainly pursues four activities. Firstly, the Model United Nations (MUN) are academic stimulations during which the students play the role of an UNO delegate. They represent the position of the country they were assigned to concerning a given subject, with the goal of writing a resolution.

The second activity in Mosaïque UNIL is the organization of conferences and debates concerning current international issues. The whole organization of these events is taken in charge by the members, from the choice of subject, the correspondence with the specialist speakers, to the technical details. The “Nord-Sud” days involve several events on subjects related to development. Finally, Mosaïque maintains a particular link with its umbrella association JUNES (Jugend UNO Netzwerk Schweiz), which is directly linked to the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

If you wish to have more information concerning the functioning of the association, or if you wish to become a member, you can upload the Mosaïque Status 2013.