Postdoc tools


Support measure for event organization by postdocs for postdocs.

This is the program from the CRELEV (Commission de la Relève) that finances workshops organised by postdocs for postdocs.

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“FBM mentorat” / Mentoring programme at FBM

This year, the FBM launches the first edition of a new mentoring programme dedicated to collaborators affiliated to FBM, starting from the doctoral level (fondamental sciences, “SSF” branch) and assistant-doctor (clinical sciences, “SSC” branch). Postdoctoral fellow researchers are surely part of the scope of mentees!

The format is a “one-to-one” mentorship, and the first edition will start in the academic year 2015-2016.

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Note: the info & forms are in French only, we have pointed out to the organisers that the English version would be of high interest and they will make this available in the next edition.