our mission

We are open to all postdocs at UNIL with an interest in natural sciences, and hope to unite postdocs from multiple faculties (FBM, FGSE, etc.). Many of us are members of or collaborate with other organizations at UNIL (ACIDUL, ADAS, AEGE) and within the greater Swiss science community (SV postdocs @EPFL, BSNL, LIMNA, LS).

These are our main goals:

UNITE: Postdocs in natural sciences at UNIL come from many countries, speak many languages, have a diverse set of expertises, and work in a wide variety of topics in labs on the main UNIL campus, at the CHUV, and in Epilanges. We need a platform to address our common needs and facilitate our ability to communicate with one another.

ENHANCE: Most of us will only be at UNIL for 2-3 years during our postdocs. At first, there are time-consuming administrative tasks that we all face when we arrive. If we can benefit from the experience and advice of others, it will help new researchers integrate into our community. During our postdocs, we often need to seek advice or collaboration from experts in other disciplines or techniques. As we all have diverse backgrounds, connecting the postdoc community would lead to increased exchange of ideas, sharing of experience, and collaborative opportunites to enhance our current research projects.

DEVELOP: As we further our current research projects, we must also think toward developing our careers. Part of this development comes from exploring the mainstream and non-traditional academic and non-academic career paths that are open to us; potential sources of funding and support; preparation of our CV and interview strategies; seeking and utilizing mentors; and furthering soft skills we won’t learn in the lab. Another critical part is networking, both with peers and with those more advanced in our perspective career tracks.