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APNS Postdoc Career Retreat in the mountains

The APNS and volunteers from the Postdoc for Postdoc action of UNIL are organizing a two day career oriented postdoc retreat “Redefining Success: discussing traditional and alternative career options after the postdoc“ on 14th-15h October, 2017, in a chalet in Finhaut, Valais. The event is taking place with the sponsorship of the Postdocs for postdocs action of the Direction of Université de Lausanne.*

The aim of the retreat is to provide postdocs with the utmost current and relevant information regarding the scientific climate in and out of academia. For this reason the invited speakers are professionals who have successfully entered their respective fields over the past few years in Switzerland and who can provide information and advice about the most recent challenges that exist in each area. The retreat will offer an open and relaxed environment, where everyone should feel free to engage in discussion and to share their knowledge and experiences.

Important: Registration is free, but attendees will have to cover their trip from Lausanne to Finhaut. An SBB train ticket with Demi Tarif both ways is 40.20chf.

14th October, Saturday

Meeting point Lausanne gare 07:30h and train trip to Finhaut, Valais
09:30h – Coffee and Refreshments
10:20h – Dr. Silvia Fuertes Marraco (Senior scientific researcher, CHUV, Lausanne)
“The Postdoc Paradigm“
11:00h – Dr. Giovanni Ciriello (P.I., Department of Computational Biology, CHUV)
11:40h – Dr. Sara Mitri (P.I., Department of fundamental microbiology, UNIL)
“How to manage your scientific career, or: what has worked for me so far“
12:30h – Lunch
14:00h – Dr. Kristina Beeler-Kakalacheva (Scientific investment consulting, Nextech Invest, Zürich)
“Career in venture capital: the unusual first step after a Ph.D.“
14:40h – Dr. Romain-Daniel Gosselin (Biostatistics and Peer-reviewing consulting, Biotelligences, Lausanne)
“From academia to entrepreneurship: how big is the leap?”
15:20h – Coffee Break
16:00h – Dr. Rossana Mirabella (Journal Manager for Frontiers in Plant Science, Frontiers in Genetics, and Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences)
16:20h – Round Table Discussions
17:00h – Open floor to participants to share their experience on working and living in Lausanne
18:00h – Dinner and drinks
*all talks are 20-30min long, followed by discussion

15th October, Sunday
09:30h – Coffee and Refreshments
10:00h – Dr. Samuel Lagier (Sam Speaks Science)
“Changing the narrative about the scientific career“
11:30h – Outdoors activity (hike, if the weather allows) and lunch
16:00h – Goodbye!

*for more information on the Postdoc for Postdoc action from the UNIL Direction, visit our Useful Links section, tab: Propose and organize an event for postdocs.