[Figure 1.A.] The Scientific Art Exhibition

Who among us hasn`t posed for a moment to admire the beauty of nature and its visualization in various forms, even though we are meant to see scientific images only as data?

How many emotions arehidden behind every piece of scientific work? Gratitude towards our fellows, suffering for experimentation with mice, endless frustration from unsuccessful experiments, fascination of a new finding, excitement by the reproducibility of an experiment, lack of appreciation, or the fulfilment of working for a good cause?

We invite you to share the beauty you find both in your work and your workplace outside the confines of academia.

The Association for Postdocs in Natural Sciences presents [Figure 1.A.], a photography competition for scientists and staff of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at UNIL. The best images will be displayed in an exhibition on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th November, 2017 in Galerie La Sonnette in Lausanne.

Submit images in two categories at https://goo.gl/forms/BpKr9jCWC2AVOmkt2.
1. The Object of Science – share the story of your object of science in images. The category is open to submissions of all forms of scientific image generation.
2. The People of Science – people and abstract photography. Take your cameras out and document those turning the wheels of science!
Submission deadline until 15th August!

A little bit of inspiration at https://apns-unil.squarespace.com/

A virtual visit of Galerie La Sonnette at
http://www.lasonnette.ch/ and https://www.facebook.com/LaSonnetteLausanne

For more info come to http://fb.me/APNS.Figure1A/